Pizza Union, Aldgate

Pizza Union is a casual pizza bar with several different locations in London. I had the pleasure of visiting the Aldgate branch, having never heard of the place before and not knowing what to expect.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 02.17.09.png


If you are looking for a high end place or somewhere with full table service, this isn’t for you. You order your food at the counter as you walk in (much like a takeaway) and are given a buzzer to alert you when the food is ready. They do not take bookings so you choose a place to sit (mainly long tables to be shared with other groups) and cutlery is in a pot in the middle of the table rather than presented next to you. This for me was no issue and actually, the relaxed vibe had a real charm. The casual nature of the place very much suited it’s local area with Shoreditch nearby, and it’s the perfect place for friends to have a catch up or have a quick bite to eat.


The interior of Pizza Union is basic but trendy, with wooden tables and neon signs which are currently extremely popular and “instagrammable”. The decoration certainly fits the brand.


I could see upon ordering that the dough was fresh and they had a huge pizza oven, which is always a good sign! The food was prepared very quickly (less than 10 minutes) and I have to say, it was absolutely delicious. The pizza base was thin which for some may be an issue but this is how I like it, and for the price you definitely can’t complain. I ordered the Formaggi pizza and have no regrets –  overall, the food had the quality of a high end Italian restaurant.



The prices were extremely cheap for the quality of the food and for the area, with pizzas beginning from less than £4. The extra costs for things like dips, nuts and olives is where the price may go up but these are still only a pound or so each.

Our verdict

I struggled very much to find a criticism for this place, the only one being the paper the pizza is served on. It rips when the pizza is cut and generally gets in the way. Other than that I found the place to be flawless, so overall…



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